About Carla

A lawyer by training, Carla has taken her enthusiasm for inquiry, analytics, research and creativity and applied it to the world of wellness.  Her passion is mindfulness – where applied science meets contemplative practices. 

Carla is dedicated to working with people in many capacities to revolutionize the way we care for our minds, our bodies and ourselves.   

Building on her extensive training in yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Carla creates bespoke programming that is truly accessible and resonates with the specific needs of her clientele. 

Carla founded The Drop In Project as a vehicle to deliver best in practice services that help her clients to create real change that impacts their lives for the better.  She works independently and collaborates with a wide range of fellow wellness service providers to ensure needs are met. 

At the heart of her work is the notion that:  “Each time you ‘drop in’ your body has changed in some way; your mind has shifted – giving you insight into how you will face the world that moment, that day.”