What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness has to do with being exactly where we are in a given moment.  It seems simple enough in theory but in the fast paced world we live, where we are fed distractions and pulled in many directions it’s more and more difficult to maintain presence.  If we entertain all the "noise" that can come with the grind of our day - the busyness, stressors, distractions, worries and judgments - we can feel scattered and overwhelmed....thinking hard but accomplishing little or nothing.  In addition, we have a tendency to default to the negative voice in our heads which can further lead to low mood, anxiety and depression.  We end up carrying around this discordance at home, at the office - anywhere we are....with our minds.  

It doesn't have to be this way and mindfulness provides tools for shifting our minds and mindsets to a place where we can be engaged in what we’re doing each moment rather than being distracted or thinking in the past or the future – or just reacting without thought.  Being present requires deliberate and consistent attention training, the exercise of cognitive strategies, and an attitude of non-judgment - all of which are accessible and realizable with a little bit of guidance.  Frankly, when we are focused, engaged and present we are happier, perform better and are more attentive and effective. 

Why practice mindfulness?

The benefits of mindfulness are clear:  Mindfulness helps to reduce the effects of stress and increase overall wellbeing.  In addition (and certainly not exclusively) the following benefits stem from work in mindfulness:

  • Recognizing negative patterns of thought and behaviour and developing/enhancing positive pathways

  • Increasing emotional and psychological resilience

  • Expanding our emotional awareness and compassion

  • Improving relationships with those around us

  • Bolstering health, performance, productivity and interpersonal skills

Why The Drop In Project?

It can be intimidating to take the leap - to look at ourselves, our businesses/jobs, our relationships - and begin to ask questions.  Unearthing the source of stressors and anxieties, and uncovering or facing things we've been avoiding or ignoring can be difficult and challenging at first.  I do not take this unpackaging lightly and work gently with your specific needs in mind to support you every step of the way. 

My ultimate goal is to teach you scientific-based tools that can help you to move beyond self doubt, fear, the critical voice - to a place where you feel like real, positive change can happen.  In just one meeting, I will show you that these tools are accessible and practical.  Importantly, I will support you and hold you accountable along the way. 

My approach is open, honest, real, fortifying, functional and sustainable.  Most importantly, it's about you - and will help you to develop precisely what you require to cultivate the mind-skills you need flourish in all areas of your life.

The Drop In Project’s “Seven Skills of Mindfulness”

1. Stress Reduction

2. Emotional Awareness

3. Ego Deconstruction

4. Nonjudgmental Acceptance

5. Self-Regulation and Impulse Control

6. Communication

7. Compassion