See below for a list of offerings.  All initial consultations are free!  Please connect with me to find out more.



One on one mindfulness sessions are an excellent way to delve deeper faster into the areas of your life where you feel “stuck.”  Whether you've endured a major life event or day to day living is taking its toll it's easy to bury difficulty and trudge along - until the weight becomes unbearable.  Whether in person or over the phone, let's begin to uncover some of the blocks that are standing in the way of you leading a life that feels lighter, more fulfilled, rewarding and truer to who you are!  Even one session will set you on a path with practical tools for facing challenges, and provide inspiration to make changes for the better.  Our first consultation is free, so book today!   



My approach is simple:  I look at your culture – the connectivity, employee commitment, citizenship and collaboration/support.  Together we address demands of the job(s) and goal pursuit.  We uncover the areas that can be improved for optimum company-wide – but personally implemented – performance.  Not every corporate culture needs an overhaul - sometimes just a tweak.  An initial consultation is suggested to first uncover the needs particular to your company and to disclose focus areas for accountability and improvement.  A simple, group “Introduction to Mindfulness” for an entire office may offer enough insight for enhanced personal and organizational performance.  Alternatively, breakout groups addressing specific departments or teams could be useful to work out “kinks” or places where connectivity is broken down or production (efficient, effective) feels jarred.


Parenting and Family

Our children can bring us unbridled and unequaled joy, but with them we can also struggle like with no one else.  If you've ever wondered how you can improve relationships with your children a private consultation or a mindful parenting workshop is an excellent way to begin to explore how to shift relationships to a better place.  Through mindfulness we explore what informs how we parent, unravel the intricacies of relationships and learn how to relate from a more authentic and understanding place. I will guide you in how to become more aware, to train attention to moments of unrest, and to develop real skills for minimizing conflict and nurturing compassion.  My approach will give you perspective on all you do well already (but may not realize) and help you to bring a curious attention to areas where you can become more open, accepting and effective.   



The experience of being pregnant, having a baby and being postnatal is truly personal and life-changing.  This major life transition can be one of the most joyous periods in someone's life but can easily become one of the most stressful too.  I understand firsthand how the uncertainty that comes with being a new parent and the pressures we put on ourselves (or feel are imposed upon us) can make the experience scary and intimidating.  In addition, while  pre- and postnatal mood fluctuation is a completely normal part of this journey, the instability in mood can affect moms, dads, babies and other caregivers.  I work individually, with couples or in groups to help prepare new parents – and see them through this momentous time - with a toolkit for managing and frontloading for all of the changes we endure – physical, emotional, hormonal, energetic, mental and psychological.



Retirement in theory is when we’re meant to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour – to relax after years of work and family rearing (for some).  But it can unfold in many ways and moving from a place of routine and structure to days that are more amoebic can be very stressful.  For some, this massive change can bring up issues around identity and purpose, can create loneliness and fear and sometimes an overwhelming restlessness. It may be as simple as setting some goals or having a plan in place for how days will unfold – or fostering curiosity about this new stage.  This work can be done in retirement but is also advisable before and through the transition.